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Create the change you want with Hypnosis, Reiki, Yoga, Meditation
Current classes:

Group Hypnosis - starts February 24- more information and sign up at

Instructor: LInda Abbott;  This class is group hypnosis for the following subjects:  Classes are Wed. nights from 6:00 - 7:00. There is a 5-10 minutes questions/comments/at the beginning. However, this class is experiential with hypnosis as the focus.  Below are the subjects for the sessions.

Week 1-hypnosis for stress reduction and improved relationships

Week 2-hypnosis for ego strengthening (confidence, increased ability to focus, lessen anxiety)

Week 3-hypnosis for positive thinking and attracting abundance
Classes will meet Feb. 24, March 2, March 9

Questions about classes or to discuss a private session: - or fill out the "contact me" form in the Resource tab.

Classes are offered through Concord Community Education - 3 times/year:

Introduction to Self Hypnosis; Advanced Self Hypnosis


Private sessions available for Hypnosis, self hypnosis, Reiki, Yoga and meditation.  Sessions conducted 6 Chapel Street, Concord, NH.


Welcome to this website where you can learn ways to improve the quality of your life.  You will learn about each of these therapies and how they can help you achieve the changes you want .  You will learn how they work, and why.  You will learn how you can make positive changes in your life using simple and drug free techniques.  Whether that may be through the use of your physical body, or with meditation or hypnosis.  With altnerative health therapies, such as Reiki, yoga, meditation and hypnosis, you will gain control of your emotions, thoughts and actions.  For instance, Hypnosis can relieve you of your fears and bad habits, and daily yoga postures can  help you build confidence.  This site is here for you .  I hope you will find some ideas here that will help you to improve your life and be all that you want to be. The formula for change is:  Thought - Feeling - Action = Change    In other words, we think of what we would like to do or change.  We then feel what we want to happen.  Feeling leads to action and action leads to change.

Browse through the tabs above and see what each method has to offer.  Just click on each tab above to maneuver to each page.   The Healthy Living tab will be ever changing, with ideas on living in healthy ways, whether it be with products, managing money or stress.  There will be factsheets and  articles  offering practical ideas that you can print and/or save.  There will be links to other sites that offer healthy products or advice.   Notices of upcoming classes or workshops will be on this tab also.   I hope you enjoy this site as this is here for you.  It is a work in progress.....

Linda is a certified Hypnotist and member of the National Guild of Hypnotists.  She teaches hypnosis and self hypnosis through the local community education program, as well as in private practice..  A Master Level Reiki practitioner and a teacher of yoga and meditation gives her a multi-faceted wealth of knowledge to assist her clients in meeting their goals.  With a variety of tools, Linda specializes in an individual approach to help others accomplish their full potential.
Questions:  Fill out a contact form on the Resources tab
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